Revamping the look of Selah

SELAH, Wash.-- To stay ahead of the curve, Selah is about to get a major makeover.

"Little improvements here and there would help benefit," said Samantha Sorensen, who lives in Selah.

Samantha and her friend opened a spa earlier this year. They designed it in a more high class way to attract people from out of town.

"We wanted something luxurious, we grew up here in Selah," she said.

The city wants to be a bit more luxurious, too. It's in the process of creating a 'Selah Beautification Committee'. It will revamp Selah starting with the downtown. But if the end result looks similar, it's for good reason. Selah is taking a page from nearby towns all to make our area better overall.

The city will be adding a community mural that explains Selah's history. It's all based on what Toppenish did last year. Planters and advertising will be spread throughout downtown; similar to Yakima. They'll make a long-term plan to grow success to see the kind of improvements Grandview has seen the last ten years.

"I think it'll help, you know, beautify the town and also using inspiration from local cities to help give Selah a makeover," Sorensen said.

It's a makeover that would bring tourists in and keep locals in. Selah has interns from CWU that are researching grants to make all of it possible. In the end, imitation is the best form of flattery; all to make a community nicer.