Rent rises more than $50 a month in Yakima County

Rent rises more than $50 a month in Yakima County  »Play Video
YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Yakima has some of the best deals in the country to buy a house. But, it's a different story if you can't afford it and have to rent. KIMA learned those prices are climbing.

"Right now, we are kind of in a lull," said Realtor and landlord, Travis Mabee. "Not as many places being sold so there's gonna be more renting."

And with more people renting, your wallet will likely see the effects. In just a year, the average rent in Yakima County rose more than $50 a month -- costing you almost $650 more a year.

"I had to search for a roommate just to find something mildly affordable," said Yakima renter AJ Keagle.

He pays more than the $590 average, but his apartment is more than double the average Yakima County size of 710 square feet.

"Looking at some of the places to live online, I was finding apartments for $500 or $400 and they were maybe 400 square feet," said AJ.

In the last year, Yakima County's vacancy dropped to just more than three percent. Not only is that an improvement, it's one percent better than the state average.

Both landlords and tenants agree the economy plays the biggest role on rental prices. Affecting not only supply and demand, but how much you are willing to spend.

We also learned Kittitas County saw the largest increase of vacancies in the state. The number of empty apartments rose about 3.5 percent.