Police use combat training to save lives

YAKIMA, Wash.-- Yakima Police are trying a new technique to handle dangerous situations. They may use military strategy to take down a gunman. Police here in Yakima are trying new techniques for responding to the most dangerous situations. This could silence a threat as fast as possible.

"With the Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook and now the bombing in Boston, there's absolutely a need in law enforcement to be better prepared to handle these situations," said Yakima Police Chief Dominic Rizzi.

YPD is implementing military combat tactics. Officers are being trained like they're responding to a war zone. It involves not only reacting to threat, but also treating people who are hurt until medical help gets there.

When Chief Dominic Rizzi stepped into his role nearly a year ago, YPD protocol required four officers on the scene to deal with a shooter in a building. Rizzi says it's unrealistic for officers to wait while people could be getting shot.

"I know that every single one of my officers would not stand by they would enter and they would do whatever they can to eliminate the threat," said Rizzi.

Officers are now being trained to enter a hot shooter situation with anywhere from one to five men.

"This is to save someone's life when the professional medical caregivers are unable to get to these victims," said Rizzi.

Without officer intervention, medical attention might not get there in time. Paramedics have to wait outside the building until there's an all-clear at the scene. A change in tactics designed to get help where it's needed faster.

Every YPD officer will be trained under this system by the end of this year.