Police: May murder connected to killing of Yakima man

Police: May murder connected to killing of Yakima man »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA continues to follow an unsolved murder in Yakima. It's been three months since a woman was found shot to death in a boarded up home. New developments have now emerged. Police say it could be connected to last week's murder of Anthony Yocom.

A foul smell coming from an abandoned home lead to the body of 28-year old Verenis Fabiola Ramos. She was shot in the head and her body was badly decomposed. A trail that was hard to follow seems to have a new lead. Lieutenant Nolan Wentz tells me it came up after the recent murder on Mead Avenue.

"It sounded like some fairly decent information," Wentz said.
"That would be connected to this?" KIMA asked.
"It would be connected to this and I was kind of surprised that I heard this when it was coming out," he said.
"Is this the shooting of Anthony Yocom?" KIMA asked.
"It is," Wentz responded.

Wentz won't say what that connection is. A big challenge to finding Ramos' killer is determining exactly when she died. The Yakima County Coroner tells me there's no way to know because of the condition of her body, only that she had been there at least two weeks. I checked the records and found Ramos was arrested in January, but failed to appear in court in February. Could she have been found earlier by police responding to calls about gunshots in the neighborhood?

"I don't know and I can't say about this particular house because I wasn't there," Lt. Wentz said.

KIMA pulled the police records of calls from the time after Ramos was arrested and two weeks before she was found. Police received three calls about gunshots from within 500 feet of the home where she was found on Fourth Avenue. Two in early April and the other May first. Now, it seems another murder could be the key to finding her killer.

"There usually are, is connections somewhere in the family, friends, some, someplace that we're looking," Lt. Wentz said.

The death of Anthony Yocum might be the connection that brings answers to what happened to Verenis Ramos. YPD detectives say the Ramos case is nowhere close to going cold.