Police: Former mayor peeled out & kicked gravel into worker's face

Police: Former mayor peeled out & kicked gravel into worker's face
UNION GAP, Wash. -- Police say former mayor, Jim Lemon, harmed a city employee while the worker was on the job.

The police report indicates Lemon was driving in his car when he approached the public works employee last month.

Police say Lemon got into a verbal fight with the worker and then peeled away in his car, causing gravel to hit the worker in the face. Police say it broke the employees glasses and caused injuries to his face.

Lemon admits to KIMA there was some heated conversation and he told the worker he could 'still write him up, as mayor.'

However, Lemon says he did not peel away and he did not harm the worker.

Lemon: "Never once did my minivan with my two babies inside ever leave paved road," Lemon said.

Reporter: "So you don't think any rocks hit him in the face?"

Lemon: "No, I know for a fact no rocks hit him in the face."

Reporter: "You think he's making it up?"

Lemon: "I think it's an outright lie, yes I do."

The police report indicates the city worker was treated for minor injuries to the face and eye.

Lemon says it wasn't him.

"I would say they have to be self-inflicted. My tires never turned," Lemon said.

I tried several times to get in touch with the employee involved in the incident. My calls were not returned.

I went to the three thousand block of South Fifth Street, where police say the fight happened. Lemon tells us his car never went off the pavement. However, there is some gravel nearby that might have been kicked up, which would fit with the worker's story.

Lemon is no longer Mayor after being voted out last month. But he is still a city council member.

Neighbors we talked to say he needs to learn a lesson.

"I think that he should be able to keep his job but he may need some anger management," said on e man.

"I think it should be like a strike one, where they discuss with him what happened and say, well if this happens again, they there will be other measures taken," said a Union Gap neighbor.

For now the case in the hands of county prosecutors.

Lemon still faces criminal charges.