Painted Rocks brewing for the future

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Painted Rocks Brewmaster Ken Toney pours a pint.
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Several budding entrepreneurs here in the Yakima Valley are trying to get their big ideas off the ground. Three of them are working together to deliver something you haven't seen before. They’re planning to unleash their homemade spin on beer and steak.

"You'll see a boiling inside there with nitrogen gas," Ken Toney explains pointing to a freshly poured beer.

Ken Toney loves making his own beer.

"You walk through that door and you smell those hops. It just gets your juices flowing," Toney said.

"You want to try to see a ring," Toney explains what a glass should look like as the beer disappears.

Ken's passion started as a hobby with a friend that's now overgrown that. His current brewing operation takes up almost an entire room in his house. So, now he and his partners, Deb Woods and Kevin Phillips, plan to open their own brew pub called Painted Rocks.

"True desire is to be become a destination location,” Toney said. “You come to our place if you want to have our beer."

Painted Rocks will serve Ken's homemade beer straight from the brewing tanks -- no kegs, no bottles -- utilizing hops grown here in the Yakima Valley. The spent grain will be recycled to make dough for its homemade pizza. And, there's steak.

"We're gonna provide something called the hot rock cookery where you'll be able to cook your own entrée on a piece of 700 degree fahrenheit granite," Toney said.

The molten rock cook-it-yourself steak would be the only thing like it here in Yakima. But, is there a risk customers will try this once and not come back for more?

"What do you say to people who say well I can just cook my own piece of meat at home. Why am I going to come to you to pay to cook my own meat?" KIMA asked.

"It's an experience," Toney answered.

The idea of this experience was strong enough to be one of eight finalists for New Vision's Business Plan Competition.

"That's a new twist and turn that I could, that I think could be popular with the local audience," said New Vision President David McFadden.

Ken and his partners see the potential for their idea to eventually grow into a franchise. For now, they're focusing on the first location and are eyeing several spots in West Valley to find the right place to pour. Painted Rocks founders hope to lease a building soon and plan to open for business in May.