Officials: At least 6 homes destroyed in Snag Canyon Fire

Officials: At least 6 homes destroyed in Snag Canyon Fire »Play Video
KITTITAS COUNTY, Wash. -- A large fire burning outside of Ellensburg has consumed over 3,600 acres overnight. Crews already cut the size of the snag canyon fire in half. Evacuations have been ordered for nearly 200 homes.

From a distance, Wendy Weisse is looking at the fire she believes burned half of her cabin. It was her vacation home that was finally completed last month.

"We spent the last four years every weekend up here building," said Wendy.

Wendy says she saw the Snag Canyon Fire when she was driving on I-90 Saturday.

"It was a huge fire ring, the whole hillside was on fire,” said Wendy. “It was just a red glow and you could see the trees going up."

The Snag Canyon Fire was started by lightning Saturday afternoon. A Washington incident management team spokesperson says erratic winds helped spread the fire quickly.

Officials confirm six homes have been destroyed, but it's not clear if these are primary or summer homes. No injuries have been reported.

"It's a risk of living so close to forests that get so dry in the middle of the summer," said cabin owner Kevin Donnelly.

"It's rough, but it's a cabin,” said Wendy. “We have a home. It's a cabin and we'll have to regroup and figure out what we're going to do."

Another woman KIMA spoke with didn't want to be on camera. But she shared photos of her daughter's home that was destroyed in the fire.

Crews from the Department of Natural Resources, The U.S. Forest Service and Kittitas Valley Fire are working to contain the fire.

"That's the worst part, the waiting,” said Wendy. “We just want to get up there and see it. If it's gone, it's gone but we just want to see what's left."

Officials says they'll get a better idea of how much of the fire is contained Monday morning.