No more skate boarding on Selah streets?

SELAH, Wash. – On a sunny, breezy night, long boarders fly down the center of steep Selah Street at a rate of speed that would make most passersby’s cringe in fear of the skater's safety.

It's scenes like this that have Selah city officials and neighbors worried.

"They're doing their moves out in the street and they're just not playing attention to the traffic that's coming on the street,” said neighbor Beverly Clark.

Selah police say they've taken one too many calls from drivers, complaining about the long boarders weaving in and out of traffic. The skaters have been clocked going around 40 miles per hour.

City officials say it's an accident waiting to happen.

"We can be sued for anything in today’s litigious society,” said Selah City Manager, David Kelly.

Right now it's legal for skaters to be in the street. They can only be cited if they disrupt traffic.

However, in an effort to improve safety, the city considered entirely banning skaters from city streets.

Council didn't agree with that.

Instead, at Tuesday night's meeting, they agreed to look into a rules of the road ordinance. Skaters follow the same rules as cars and can be cited if they don't.

If the city goes with the rules of the road ordinance, boarders would have to abide rules such as the speed limit and stopping at stop signs. It’s something skaters tell KIMA they're happy to do.

"Everybody has to obey them no matter what it is,” Tyler Wynterholler said. “Scooter, bike, car, long board even."

City council formed a group to discuss the new rules. It even includes a long boarder. Beverly sad she thinks it's a good idea.

"Because it is dangerous,” Beverly said. “You know, make them have to stop and pay attention to what's going on around them.”

The wheels are in motion for some new rules for Selah skaters.

The city is also looking into revising its ordinance for bikers and other non-motor vehicles in the road.