New program: check out tools for free

New program: check out tools for free »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash.-- There's a new way to get tools for your home improvement project: just go to the library, sort of. There are no books here. It's called a tool-share library. A company called Yakima Maker Space collects donated tools. It has a list of all the tools available on its website and you can check them out to do what you need. It's free as long as you sign a waiver.

"If you have a good idea, you want to make it happen, you're just missing the tools," said Maker Space partner, Nathan Poel. "This is a place you can come check out the tools that you need to make it happen and get on with your project."

The tool-share library is the beginning of a bigger project. The company plans to open a building where people can use larger tools. Click here to find more on the free tool share.