Neighbors say they're getting blocked in their driveways

Neighbors say they're getting blocked in their driveways »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Parking problems haven't gotten better around Yakima Valley Community College. That's despite changes made by the school. Neighbors said they're sometimes trapped in their driveways. Action News found out there's parking available that students aren't using.

Block after block around the YVCC campus neighborhood streets have become parking lots. Darlene Lizotte has been dealing with it for 15 years.

"Well one just left here before you came,” she said. “Usually it's worse than this."

She sometimes plans her day around class schedules because cars block her from going anywhere.
Other neighbors have spent thousands to build driveways so they have a place to park. Some now park on their lawns.

"I don't think that the college is providing enough parking for their students,” said Lizotte. “I know they put some new parking lots in, but it's not enough."

The college tried to help the parking problem by opening up some assigned lots to first come first serve. But, the lots are hardly full and students say the problem is the cost. It costs just a dollar a day to park here, but that can add up to almost $200 a year.

"It would be more convenient if they had more parking and if it was free," said YVCC student Chris Tehkeal.

There are two lots that are free for students, but space is limited. They can hold about 400 cars. So, why not make all the lots free? YVCC said the revenue from the lots pays for new ones. The state doesn't pay for parking lots. So this is the college's new solution to an old problem.

YVCC said its biggest problem is finding land near campus to build more parking lots.