Neighbors say Yakima intersection is not safe

Neighbors say Yakima intersection is not safe »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- You contacted KIMA about a dangerous intersection in Yakima. North Eighth Street and Martin Luther King is only a two way stop. Many drivers say that's not enough.

Stretchers, paramedics, and smashed cars blocked traffic at Eighth and MLK last December. It was one of four major accidents there last year. It was one of nearly 20 accidents in the last five years.

"I've seen it happen time and time and time again," said neighbor Rick Rangel.

This intersection is Rick Rangel's neighbor. He has a front row seat to nearly every accident.

"I've seen a vehicle spin out and actually be on the other side of the pole there," said Rangel.

The intersection has two stop signs: one North, one South. Yakima already added flashing red lights to each to make them more visible.
And there are signs warning drivers on MLK of cross traffic ahead.

Rick says close calls are constant. There's no official record of the number of those.

"What they'll do is just blast their horn because they think it's a four-way stop," said Rick. "They take off and that's how it happens."

Yakima tells Action News Eighth and MLK is on their radar. But before a traffic light or more stop signs would go up, Yakima has to take a closer look at the need and the cost. Neighbors just hope a solution comes soon.

"I guess something to bring more attention to the stop signs is what I think would be beneficial," said Rangel.

The city is also looking at adding stop signs at some intersections nearby. Those intersections have less traffic, but the city says a uniform system will cut back on collisions.