Neighbors are on watch after a spree of burglaries

Neighbors are on watch after a spree of burglaries »Play Video
COWICHE, Wash. -- Burglaries in neighborhoods not used to worrying about it. The KIMA Crime Tracker learned thieves are targeting the Naches Heights area. They're breaking into homes in Cowiche, Tieton and West Valley. Action News learned two people have been arrested, but the burglaries keep happening.

Neighbors living outside of town like the peace and quiet, but that peace have been destroyed.

"The lady was knocking on the front door and the neighbor witnessed the man come around the back run up the steps and kick in this door," said “Barbara”.

Barbara didn't want to give her last name, but said a broken door was the first sign she was burglarized.

"How dare they,” she said. “We work all our lives to get what we want and they can spend this short amount of time taking everything that we've worked for."

The crooks got away with a TV, laptop and cameras. Barbara doesn't care about the electronics.
She's upset about the things that are irreplaceable.

"The cameras that had the S.D. cards with the pictures that had our great granddaughter in it," she said.

The KIMA Crime Tracker learned Barbara is not alone. In the past two months, about 20 homes have been hit in the Naches Heights, Tieton and Cowiche area. According to crime reports, thieves hit the area, wait a few days or a month and then go back to break in to homes they missed. They have one thing in common. They're all happening during the day.

Neighbors saw the burglars at Barbara's house and police arrested two suspects. However five more break-ins have been reported since then.

"You hear that he's been robbed, wow, you know that's really too bad, said Barbara. “Then a month later you get robbed and then you find out the neighbor down the road has been robbed it's really a hard thing to handle."

Neighbors are now keeping their eye out for anything suspicious that could disrupt the peace they long for.

Some neighbors we talked to are now starting block watches to protect themselves.