Coroner identifies man stabbed on CWU campus

Coroner identifies man stabbed on CWU campus
ELLENSBURG, Wash.-- We now know the name of the man stabbed on the Central Washington University campus this weekend. Hector Mejia Villa died hours after the attack Saturday night. Now, investigators are trying to find out who was behind it and why.

Kyle Featherstone is a senior at Central Washington University. He couldn't believe it when he walked by the crime scene Saturday night.

"I saw a few different police cars and crime scene tape," Featherstone said. "The whole place was all blocked off. There was paramedics running through there."

Kyle didn't know that a 23-year-old man was stabbed in this CWU parking lot only an hour before he walked by. It might be the last time he walks that late at night.

"It does kind of make you think twice about going out late at night by yourself," he said.

Despite the stabbing that happened in the parking lot, University officials tell KIMA violence on campus is a rarity.

"The murders and manslaughters, those columns are filled with goose eggs," CWU official Linda Schactler said. "It just never happens."

Administrators say Hector Mejia Villa wasn't a student or a university employee. He lived in Ellensburg and died in the hospital hours after the attack. Students and staff are on edge.

"You see something like that and you don't really know what's going on and then an hour later you find out, wow, somebody just got stabbed," Featherstone said.

"People are concerned," Schactler said. "People are used to a very safe place and they're not used to having something like that happen."

University police, state troopers and investigators in Kittitas County are all on the case and trying to find out who's behind it and why this happened.

Authorities tell KIMA they have leads for possible suspects, but nothing solid yet.