Most popular crimes to land people in jail keeping steady in Yakima

Most popular crimes to land people in jail keeping steady in Yakima »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash.-- The KIMA Crime Tracker looked into some crimes that could get to you: home invasions, robberies and assaults. They're the most common reasons inmates are in the Yakima County Jail right now.

Brian Cherry lives in Yakima. He knows what it's like to have someone break into his home.

"They came and they took everything, ransacked the whole house, took everything that was worth value in it," Cherry said. "Left me with just a few clothes and miscellaneous furniture items."

Brian wanted to make sure it didn't happen again, so he decided to move. Unfortunately that didn't solve his problem. After settling into a new place, one night he woke up by his girlfriend screaming.

"I run back there and a guy was kicking in my back door," Cherry said.

A frightening experience, but no one took anything and no one was hurt. Brian is far from alone here in Yakima when it comes to burglaries. Brian once lived right in the middle of one of the troubled zones. 

"I wanted to move the next day," he said. "I didn't like the house anymore. I felt uncomfortable there and just an uneasy feeling."

"I just had to get renters insurance because who knows, I work and who knows what can happen," Jesse Lopez, who lives in Yakima, said. 

Burglaries have been a steady problem. They haven't gotten better or worse the last six months. Police report 224 reported in the past three months and 222 the three months before that. The crime is one of the top three that lands people in the Yakima County Jail. Assault and robberies are the other two.

"The people that do get caught, they need to, you know, they should be punished," Lopez said. 

While burglaries have held steady here in Yakima, assaults and robberies have happened more often in recent months. Yakima saw more than 600 assaults from May to July.  That climbed to more than 700 from August to October. Robberies don't happen as much. Recently, they've been as high as 20 and 16 in a month. Police don't have an easy explanation for the changes.

Yakima Police tell us they haven't made any changes in their patrols. Officers will be watching out for criminals looking to go to jail to stay warm as it gets colder.