More Yakima criminals off the streets thanks to crime fighting partnership

More Yakima criminals off the streets thanks to crime fighting partnership »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Putting the bad guys behind bars. A partnership that started a little more than a year ago promised to make that happen. KIMA is checking up on that joint effort between the Violent Crimes Task Force and Crime Stoppers. We learned it's paying off.

"There were sirens and cops rushing up the road and I think it happened right up the block," said Ron Shrock.

Ron didn't know it, but Brian Salter, a suspected felon -- was hiding out on his block. The Violent Crimes Task Force didn't know it either until that call to Crime Stoppers.

"It's really nice to see that it is having an effect on our community," said Ron.

Just across town, Jonathan Frausto, a felony suspect wanted for nine counts of forgery and five counts of theft, was scooped up too. And you guessed it -- all because of a tip.

It's become more common over the last year, as the two entities strengthened their partnership. In fact, more than three-quarters of those suspects posted on Crime Stoppers fliers end up in handcuffs. It could be because both have a say in the pictures that make the cut.
On top of that, all tips that come in to Crime Stoppers go directly to the task force.

Ron says he now considers his neighborhood a safe one.
And hopes the partnership making a difference here continues.

"It's becoming more of a neighborhood than it has," said Ron. "Community with the neighbors and people out walking their dogs. No fear here."

So far this year, tips into Crime Stoppers helped catch 27 suspected felons. The agency has delivered five thousand dollars in reward money. It would be more, but Crime Stoppers tells us about half of the tipsters never pick up their money.