Million dollar construction site still sits abandoned

Million dollar construction site still sits abandoned
ELLESNBURG, Wash. -- KIMA first told you last summer when the contractor walked off the nearly $2 million dollar overhaul of the Ellensburg Armory building.

After work began, the county and Skyline Construction were not seeing see eye-to-eye.

"Even though the best of your efforts you try and make sure you've got qualified people bidding on the projects, occasionally people don't present the truth,” said Kittitas County Commissioner, Obie O'Brian.

The finished project will house county and WSU office space, along with space for meetings. County officials tell me the contractor invoiced the city for around $1 million, for work completed.

However the county says they owe him just $100,000. Kittitas County Commissioners say the contractor will probably file a lawsuit.

“You find out they are not doing what they said they were going to do, they're not doing it properly or they're charging you for things they're not doing,” O’Brian said.

To get both sides, I contacted Skyline last year and again late Thursday afternoon. My messages were not returned.

The county says they are hiring an architect to evaluate how much work is left. Then they'll re-bid to complete the job. They hope to have the project finally completed in time for this year's county fair.

County Commissioners say despite the setback-- your money will end up where it's supposed to be.

"We we're going to stand firm and say our taxpayers deserve to get what they pay for and that's what we're going for,” O’Brian said.