Man arrested after street race turns deadly

Man arrested after street race turns deadly »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash. -- New developments in a deadly crash in Yakima earlier this month. The accident on Beech Street killed a man in what was thought to be a one-car accident.

Now, police say two drivers were racing when one slammed into a tree. The driver of the other car is under arrest.
You can tell by what's left of the makeshift memorial that it's been weeks since the accident here on Beech Street. Jose Valencia was riding in a car that smashed into this tree. He was thrown from the car and killed.

At the time, police thought it was a one-car accident. Now, there's more to the story.
During their investigation, officers pulled surveillance video from an apartment complex across the street. They say that video showed two cars racing each other. The Chevy Malibu that crashed and an  SUV.

Court documents the SUV turned around after the wreck. 

Police say people got out of the SUV, removed the driver from the car, and drove him to a nearby hospital.

Valencia was already dead. He was left there with the other passenger who had only minor injuries.
Police say they dropped off that driver and immediately took off.

They say Edwin Gutierrez was driving the SUV. He's now in custody for vehicular homicide.

Court records say he told police the car tried to pass him on Beech Street when it crashed. He says there was no race.

Yakima is no stranger to street racing. Police have handled five cases so far this year. That pace is actually down from the 29 last year and 35 in 20-12.

Regardless of the number, it can be deadly anytime. Gutierrez made his first appearance in court today.

Bail was set at a hundred thousand dollars. The maximum penalty for street racing is 10 years behind bars and a 20-thousand dollar fine. A vehicular homicide conviction can get up to life in prison.