Lock your car: String of cars prowls in East Valley

Lock your car: String of cars prowls in East Valley
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Recent car prowls in East Valley have a lot of you upset. We got your calls and e-mail about hundreds of dollars worth of equipment taken. A lot of it happening nice neighborhoods and school parking lots.

It's proof safety is something you can't assume.

"I live in Terrace Estates so I thought I could leave me door unlocked," said victim, Christian Pearson.

That decision cost Pearson hundreds. The thief left Christian with a hole in the center console of his car.

"They put their hands behind the dash and just ripped it forward so both of these pieces are off and just tore the stereo right out of the console," said Christian.

The crime left him with a sense of disbelief.

"You got to be kidding me," said Christian. "I thought it was a dream almost."

It's no dream for Christian or many others in East Valley. Recent car prowls stretching from nice neighborhoods to school parking lots.

According to the Yakima Sheriff's Office, there were 10 reports just last week of either a car theft or car prowl.

But, Christian says that number could be much higher. He and several of his friends never filed a police report. Instead, they chalked it up to a lesson learned.

There are only six deputies who cover the unincorporated sections of the Yakima Valley.