Kevin Harper's ex-wife: 'He goes I think I just killed 3 people'

Kevin Harper's ex-wife: 'He goes I think I just killed 3 people' »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash.-- New documents are now out in prosecutors attempt to re-file murder charges against Kevin Harper. The latest motion indicates the evidence they will use to revoke his plea deal surrounding the West Valley triple murder.

A 158-page motion filed by Yakima County prosecutors outlines their new case against Kevin Harper that he killed Bill, Pauline and Bettye Goggin in their West Valley home.

"It's been two and a half years," Mike Morrisette. "We'd like to see a solution and eventually a verdict and for someone to be held accountable for it."

In court documents, prosecutors maintain Harper failed a lie detector test and say this graph shows the spikes of his deception. Most of the evidence is based on an interview with Harper's ex-wife Crystal West last November in North Carolina.

Prosecutors say West started the session by supporting Harper's story like she always did. But, then they say she broke down. Now, documents indicate she says Harper admitted killing the Goggins when he came home. West said, "he goes, 'I think I just killed three people" and, "he remembers there was a big guy and he remembers swinging."

"They must have put up a fight and that's disturbing," Morrisette said.

West claims Harper was obsessed with the news after the murders. She also describes in detail their drug use and how much that hurt her memory.

The third key part of the filing focuses on an interview with Randall Humphries. Humphries met Harper in the Yakima County Jail. The filing indicates he also heard Harper confess to the murders. Friends of the Goggins are still waiting to see what plays out in court.

"I'm going to let justice prevail here and I'm not going to presume anything on it," Morrisette said.

No one can presume anything in this case after everything that's happened. This latest move tries to wipe out Harper's plea bargain on lesser charges that brought a recommended seven-year sentence from prosecutors.

We could not reach Harper's attorney for comment. The next hearing is scheduled for September 9th.