Keeping your home safe during brush fires

Keeping your home safe during brush fires
YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash.-- A brush fire that started yesterday is now 100% contained. Crews are still working to put out hot spots. The blaze reached 7,000 acres yesterday and officials tell Action News it grew overnight. Despite many close calls, no homes were damaged.

Friday's brush fire reached thousands of acres in just few hours. Fire fighters from all around Yakima County responded and were able to save dozens of nearby homes. Some were easier than others, and I found out what you can do to prevent fires from taking off in your yard, especially because fire season came early this year.

"We're deeply into wildland season," Selah Fire Chief Jerry Davis said. "We're where we should be the first of July."

As Friday's fire showed us, wildland season can reach structures too. So, if a fire heads toward your home, you can be prepared by doing a bit of yard work. Selah Fire Chief Jerry Davis tells me trimming the bottom of trees can be most beneficial.

"If there's a grass fire that goes through it doesn't get into the lower limbs and then it'll latter up into the tree," he said.

Friday's blaze also threatened orchards and fields. It prompted people to keep sprinklers on around their crop. But fire departments have another concern: the fourth of July. With the holiday comes issues with fireworks.

"They're banned in Yakima County and most of the cities," Davis said.

"One little firework in this hillside takes the whole hillside out and gets in the homes," he said.

Investigations into Fridays wildfire have already begun. Crews will be out there for the next couple days.