KIMA honors Ken Messer

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Former KIMA-TV General Manager Ken Messer
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Thursday night, KIMA dedicated a portion of our broadcast to honor someone very special and dear to us.

KIMA is placing a plaque as a dedication to Ken Messer for all of his years of service. Not only to the station, but to the entire community. Everyone will see it when they enter our studios.

He means so much to so many of us here. We know there are several of you watching this broadcast that think the world of him as well.

Ken came to KIMA in 1972 to work in our sales department. By the time he retired in 2007, he was our vice president and general manager. His colleagues during those years say his leadership is undeniable.

"He could sell you on what needed to be done, what had to be done so we could be better again than we thought we were," said KIMA-
TV National Sales Manager Steve Crow.

"Powerful position, but you could talk to him just like he was your best friend," said KIMA-TV General Manager David Praga. "No matter what the situation was, be it controversial, be it personal, it was like you were talking to your best friend."

Ken Messer earned two broadcaster of the year awards during his career here at KIMA. One of them from the Washington Association of Broadcasters.