KIMA Crime Tracker: Property crime doubled in recent months

KIMA Crime Tracker: Property crime doubled in recent months »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- There's a turnaround in property crime here in Yakima and not in a good way. The KIMA Crime Tracker learned activity more than doubled in recent months. That's after dropping earlier in the year. On top of that, more areas on the west side are getting hit.

It seems like new graffiti pops up every day that might be the case. In the last two months, the KIMA Crime Tracker learned lower level property crimes have spiked here in Yakima.

"It surely has and we are getting pretty sick of it actually," said Doug Patterson.

Patterson lives near 40th Avenue and said he's seen businesses near his home getting hit. Criminals aren't busting windows or stealing. They're tagging almost everything they can.

"People are actually robbing us of the worth of our property by doing that type of thing," said Patterson.

This recent activity reverses what we saw earlier this year. There was a 40 percent drop in property crime from March to June this year. Over the last three months, property crime has more than doubled from an average of three crimes a day to eight.

According to YPD, property crimes are happening all the way from 80th Avenue to the east side of town. Most are happening just northeast of downtown.

"Like say for instance right across the street,” said Perry Williams. “You see a lot of writing on the walls and over there by the terminal."

Williams said he's also noticed the spike.

"I'm thinking it's a lot of young guys around her that don't have anything to do."

Police and neighbors hope now that schools are back in session, kids will find others things to do with their time.

We've seen a slight drop in property crime already this month to an average of about six incidents a day in September. That's down from eight a day the last two months.