Injuries and Illness can keep criminals on the streets

Injuries and Illness can keep criminals on the streets »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- A suspected con man is on the loose here in the Yakima Valley. Police say he uses several different methods to target any one at any age. KIMA learned even if this suspected scammer man is arrested. He wouldn't be booked into jail.

Harold Seekins feels robbed. But while he's out 50 bucks, the main thing stolen was his peace of mind.

"I guess I really can't be mad at him," said Harold. "I should be mad at myself for letting him get away with it."

Harold and dozens of others in the Yakima Valley say they've been duped by Bobby Trudeau. Police say the 46-year-old has made it a career to scam people like Harold.

"He's going to tell you he can do stuff around your house and he's very convincing," said Harold.

Harold says he was suspicious. But Trudeau claimed to hold the keys -- quite literally -- to something close to his heart.

"Almost a complete truck," Harold said as he points to an old, antique truck. "I got everything to put it back together. Just need little pieces... He said he had them."

It's a retirement project Harold says is slowly coming together.

"It will be fun to get it going again," said Harold of his 1953 Ford F-100.

Harold made the mistake of handing over cash up front. But that help never came.

"He's done enough," said Harold. "They need to do something with him."

Moxee police say they can't. Trudeau may be a wanted man, but he can't be booked into jail because of a serious medical condition.

"We are not a health care facility," explained Chief of Corrections Karen Kelley.

Kelley says the Yakima County Jail can't treat people with chronic conditions.

We asked, "So that means they can just go commit crimes and not get booked into jail?"

"Well that's up to the the municipality if they want to arrest them and have them medically cleared and then we accept them," said Kelley. "Then they are financially responsible for the persons care until they go to court and get convicted."

So unless a police department can fork up the cash to care for Trudeau, it's up to you to keep from being his next con.

Victims say Bobby Trudeau walks with a limp. Police tell us he uses several different names. He often asks for gas money in advance to do odd jobs or buy firewood, but then never returns.