Icy roads concern after powerful weekend storm

Icy roads concern after powerful weekend storm »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- The main roads in Yakima are clear of heavy snow. However, as the sun goes down, ice becomes the concern.

"Once this freezes up it could be a real problem,” Captain Jeff Schneider YPD.

Schneider says patrol crews are taking it easy. They'll treat the shift like any other, but remain on alert for accidents and slippery areas.
Schneider says a storms impact on traffic typically depends on what time it hits.

“The only time we'll see a spike is if we get a real heavy snow or ice storm right at rush hour,” Schneider said.

Schneider says YPD pays most attention to major roads with inclines, like 40th avenue. If police feel they're too icy for drivers, they can close the roads until they're cleared.

Of course, an easy way of getting out of the cold weather and having to drive on the slick roads is taking the bus.

Andrew Paschen says he's not a fan of winter and likes the convenience of hopping on a bus.

"I try to get from place to place as quick as I can,” Andrew said.
Bus driver, Tina Donahue, says the roads were much easier to drive after plows came through.

"This morning was a little challenging,” Tina said.

On tail-end of a powerful storm, things were getting back to normal on a cold winters night.

"Over the weekend I just kind of kept the doors closed and turned the heaters up and kicked back,” Andrew said.