Humane Society wins $6k in Rachel Ray contest

Humane Society wins $6k in Rachel Ray contest
YAKIMA, Wash. -- The Central Washington Humane Society won thousands of dollars in a national contest. It plans to buy all-new equipment.

The animal rescue group came close to winning 100-thousand dollars in Rachael Ray's ASPCA Challenge, but came home with the runner-up prize instead.

It's still six-thousand dollars.

Organizers say the contest helped them raise awareness.

"We've definitely won in a lot of ways and started a momentum. And people know here in Yakima County that we have an overpopulation issues of cats and dogs and the only way to solve that issue is through spay and neuter," Erica Seaver-Vengle said.

The rescue says the contest helped them save almost 1500 animals in 90 days.