Homeowner on fires: 'It's very scary, but you just have to have faith'

Homeowner on fires: 'It's very scary, but you just have to have faith'
CLE ELUM, Wash. -- The Table Mountain Fire burning near Cle Elum is now threatening 800 structures. The fire is 10 percent contained and more crews have been called in to attack the flames.

Sunday, the sun made it's best effort. It peaked through a blanket of haze and smoke as far as you can see.

Drivers on Highway 97 are warned to slow down, while neighbors are ready to move quick.

"They've actually already told me to be packed up and and ready," said Chris Allen.

You can find Chis with a hose in hand prepping for what he can't control.

"There has been ash falling all over, all night long," said Chris.

It's his best effort to protect this piece of property. A house still missing it's finishing touches. A home he built for his mother.

"This is my retirement home," said Margaret Allen, Chris' mother. "This is what I've been working for for many many many years."

Margaret's new house is one of the 800 structures firefighters are trying to save. More than 1,000 have been called in to fight the fire. So far there's been only one minor injury and two cabins lost.

But, crews still prepare for what could become the largest fire yet.
A merge with the Wenatchee fire -- burning less than two miles away.

"We have to plan ahead if it does happen," said Incident Command Public Information Officer, Joe Johnson. "How can we make it happen softly and safely?"

Containment is inevitable. But just like the flames, Chris and his mom's anxiety isn't fading any time soon.

"It's very scary, but you just have to have faith," said Margaret.

We're told the fire could actually be larger than the reported because smokey conditions have made it hard to get an accurate count.

There is still room at the Mercer Creek Church shelter in Ellensburg.

Other fires in Central Washington are less severe. Firefighters have good control on the Wild Rose fire near Rimrock lake. The fire has not grown in the last four days and is 75 percent contained, according to DNR Incident Command.

Nearly 600 firefighters are attacking the fire. No homes have been destroyed.

If you are traveling on highway 12, you can expect lots of delays near Rimrock Lake.