Hawks fans booming with 12th man pride around the Yakima Valley

Hawks fans booming with 12th man pride around the Yakima Valley

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash.-- There's no escaping it. If you haven't caught Seahawks fever by now, you never will. Especially, on this biggest and baddest Blue Friday of the year.

Super Bowl fever was all over the Yakima Valley today.
"Seahawks, Seahawks, Seahawks," Gilbert Elementary students chanted as they formed a human "12".

It's the chant heard around the state. This one coming from the students at Gilbert Elementary.

"It's been great to watch them be excited about one particular thing and everybody can join in," Anne Berg, Gilbert's principal, said.

It seems almost everyone in the Yakima Valley has joined. While it's the last blue Friday of the season, there's no denying it's the biggest. McClure elementary students made sure to show off their Hawks spirit.

"Who's going to win the superbowl?" a supervisor at McClure yelled.
"seahawks!" students responded.

The pride doesn't stop in grade school. Students and staff at Heritage University in Toppenish had their own celebration.

It's not all about the group dynamics or challenging the vocal chords. We can't forget about the houses, tattoos, haircuts and even teeth dedicated to the men who wear the blue and neon green.

"The 12th man is really strong in Yakima," Nate Roa, who works at New Yak City, said.
There's no doubt it's boosting local business. Sports bars and restaurants are gearing up for their biggest day of the year. How does a "12th Man mimosa sound?"

"It's going to be a big time to pump up all the fans, have a good time," Duke Fenton, who works at The Sports Center said.

Businesses are pumped too. Especially, those flying high and selling anything with the Hawks logo.

"A lot of people have come in asking for Hawks gear and it's definitely boosting sales to the point where we're nearly sold out on everything," Roa said. 

Sold out because everyone in the Yakima Valley is all about the Twelfth Man. Well, almost everyone.

The celebrations will continue all over the Yakima Valley until the big game and hopefully followed by a victory parade. Cabela's in Union Gap has a tailgating competition tomorrow at noon.