Grandview couple: 'She's holding our dog for ransom'

Grandview couple: 'She's holding our dog for ransom'
GRANDVIEW, Wash. -- Trish and Mark Drollinger bought their second puppy, Dodger, from A Paw Up Rescue earlier this year for $300.

"I carried him around like a baby and he loved our cat and Rusty, my dog, they played together,” Trish said.

That was until Dodger escaped from their back yard.

"You know, turned our back for a minute and he's out,” Trish said.

Trish and Mark say they were heartbroken. They placed a missing ad in the paper and hoped for the best. Then, they got a call. The woman who sold them the dog said she had him. And, she wasn't giving him back.

"I was begging to please have a second chance,” Trish said.

Yvette Fitzjareld says the Drollingers aren't abiding by the contract they signed when they bought Dodger. It states Yvette can take the dog back if the rules are broken. Yvette says that happened when the Drollingers lost Dodger.

However, the Drollingers have since installed an electric fence to make sure it doesn't happen again. KIMA asked Yvette if she thinks it’s fair that she’s still holding on to the dog.

"The reason that we still have Dodger at this point is because I asked them to sign an amended agreement because he's already been loose once and our concern is for his welfare,” Yvette said.

Yvette says in order to get Dodger back; the Drollingers must first use a different brand of dog food. And she says Rusty, their dog they got from the same group 5 years ago, must be groomed differently.

"By shaving a dog that shouldn't be shaved you actually remove the protective ability of the coat."

The Drollingers say their pets are like family.

"Everyone makes mistakes,” Trish said.

“If you don't want to sign an agreement, go to the Humane Society,” Yvette said.

An agreement the Drollingers say isn't fair

KIMA spoke with an independent attorney who says this is a civil matter. And, that the Drollingers have shown good intent by installing the electric fence. The Drollingers have a lawyer, but haven't filed a lawsuit yet.