Gold buying business writes bad checks to Yakima customers

Gold buying business writes bad checks to Yakima customers »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash. -- "Karen" recently took some jewelry she doesn't use and traded it in to THR And Associates. The traveling gold-buying company stopped here in Yakima and wrote her a check for $412.
Only, the check bounced.

"I thought, oh boy this is real cute, a company like this, they're just shafting everybody," Karen said.

Karen called the Illinois-based company. Representatives told her it was a clerical error and that she would get another check within 10 business days. The company also promised to pay her returned-check fee. I called and they told me the same thing.

Nearly a month later, Karen still hasn't received her check and my calls are no longer being returned.

"I think it's just water under the bridge, it's gone. I don't think they'll ever make it good," Karen said.

I called the Better Business Bureau on her behalf. It turns out Karen's not alone.

"When THR left town, their checks started bouncing," said Chelsea Dannen, a Better Business Bureau representative.

THR And Associates has 41 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau nationally. Yakima Police are now also investigating.

"We are encouraging consumers that has this issue with this company to file a complain with the better business borough and the Washington State Attorney Generals Office," Chelsea said.

KIMA contacted the State Attorney Generals Office, which could not confirm if THR is under investigation there.

"They need to quit doing what they're doing. It's illegal, it's immoral and it's just wrong," Karen said.

Karen says she came close to trading in a family heirloom, she's at least grateful she held onto that.

If you feel you were scammed, the Better Business Bureau urges you to file a claim here.