Growing pile of garbage feet away from Wenas Creek; Neighbors fed up

Growing pile of garbage feet away from Wenas Creek; Neighbors fed up »Play Video
SELAH, Wash. -- Neighbors in Selah say they have health concerns over a nearby property owner's pile of garbage that's growing bigger.

The giant heap of trash sits just feet away from the Wenas Creek off of North Wenas Road.

Neighbors contacted KIMA to get some help. They're afraid it can get worse.

"The creek is right here and it floods every year and its going to end up in the Yakima River," said "Tom," a neighbor who didn't want to be identified.

The pile is about the size of a truck and has all sorts of mixed garbage. Neighbors say it has been there for weeks. They think their neighbor is using a commercial garbage truck on the property to dump it.

I knocked on the door of both houses on the property. There was no answer.

After, we took pictures of the trash to the Yakima Health District.

"It's something that we will follow up on. There's no question," said Gordon Kelly, the Director of the Yakima Health District. "Just the fact that it appears to be a quantity of material in an improper place, just discarded and dumped. That will prompt us to make a response to the property."

Gordon says you are allowed to get rid of garbage on your own property. But, there are rules.

For example, it must be covered and at least 100 feet away from water.

Gordon says in this case he doubts those rules are being followed and worries the water is being affected.

"In order to have clean water, to be optimum in your functioning and your health, you've got to protect it," Gordon said. "And that is one of the things we try to do."

"It's just garbage. I couldn't get away with it and I don't know why, how anybody else could," Tom said.

An eyesore that's grown into a health concern. And neighbors want it gone.

The Health District says they will likely cite the property owners. If they don't clean it up, they can be taken to court where the face fines.

We will follow up on this story and will continue to reach out to the property owners.