Getting your troubled streets on the list for city road work

Getting your troubled streets on the list for city road work »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash.-- A finish line is in sight for a lot of summer street projects. Some neighbors tell Action News their street needs to be fixed, but it didn't make the list this year.

It's the intersection of South Fourth Street and Race Avenue in Yakima: a spot neighbors say has been bad for a long time and keeps getting worse.

"I drive by this road every single day and I have to literally stop just to go across it," said Nick Cunningham who drives through the intersection regularly.

Some patch work has been done in the past, but it's not holding up anymore. He says driving across it regularly has cost him more than $500 in repairs. He's not the only one.

"The front part of my alignment in my van went out," neighbor Michael Bell said.

Action News drove through the intersection to see just how bad it really is. As we went over the bumps and the cracks in the road, the radio in the car went completely out.

People who live near there want Yakima to use their taxpayer dollars to fix the intersection, like work they've seen done in other parts of the city this summer. Nicholas and his family have called the city. Action News spoke with city officials to see exactly what you can do.

If you have something you want done, call Yakima Public Works or send in a complaint. Public Works will assess the damage and prioritize it depending on how bad it is. Neighbors there are waiting for that.

"Just repaired, something better put in, something that's not going to mess with people's cars in general," Bell said about what he'd like to see.

It's a bumpy ride that will take at least another year to get smoother if it makes the list. Action News also learned if you don't get a response, bring your issue to city council during public comment. If serious enough, the issue can be moved to the official agenda.