Friends of pregnant woman shot to death speak out

Friends of pregnant woman shot to death speak out

YAKIMA, Wash.-- KIMA has spent months tracking down people who knew McKaylee Higgs or Cory Lindblom. We have been in touch some of their friends during that time. Now, they're finally willing to talk.

Whitney Stone says McKaylee Higgs was her best friend in high school.

"She was just a really genuinely good person, and she was a good friend," Stone said.

The two were in color guard and band, and they kept in touch for years after graduating.

"We were close for a really long time," she said. "About the year before she died, we kind of lost touch a little bit."

Whitney was shocked when she heard her friend was dead.
"It was really startling," Stone said. "It's not something you ever expect to happen in your close circle of friends and it did."

"I was pretty devastated," Meagan Hohman said. 

Hohman worked at a pizza place with McKaylee while they attended Valdosta State University. She learned about the shooting on Facebook. 

"What really got to me was the fact that I was pregnant at the time with my daughter, and then I found out that she was pregnant," Hohman said.

Both friends have mixed opinions on their friend's death. McKaylee's husband admitted to deputies that he shot his wife after mistaking her for an intruder.

"It's kind of a weird accident, but I just kind of associate it with post-traumatic stress," Hohman said. 

"I'm very anti-gun, so the whole, like, him just having it right there, ready to go, was kind of shocking," Stone said.

Both women hope a decision will be made soon on whether charges will or will not be filed in the case.

"I miss her, and I hope that they can figure out whatever happens, and they can come to a close with all of this, and I hope her family is healing," Stone said.

Investigators tell us they want to talk to friends and family of Higgs and Lindblom. Neither of these woman have heard from Yakima County deputies.