Frank Sweet won't get back his Sunnyside job

Frank Sweet won't get back his Sunnyside job
SUNNYSIDE, Wash. -- Frank Sweet says he did not deserve to be fired as Sunnyside's Interim City Manager.

In a public hearing Wednesday night, he told council that he balanced 2013's budget and received praise from city workers and citizens.

"In my opinion we were making good progress in several areas of the city," Sweet said. "I have truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know many of Sunnyside's citizens."

Sweet appeared before council in a public hearing to get his job back.

Sunnyside city council fired Frank Sweet in February after an uproar over his decision to release the longtime police chief.

There were still mixed opinions regarding Sweet Wednesday night.

"I was impressed at his passion, his enthusiasm for the city," Trish combs said.

"The decision to get rid of him was the best decision you people made and I back you 100 percent," said a Sunnyside man.

As the public hearing continued, people expressed their concerns about the dramatic manner in which Sweet was fired, recalling how dozens of citizens publicly bashed Sweet before he was fired.

"I've never in my life witnessed a public flogging in Sunnyside and I hope I never witness another one," Debbie Mendoza said.

The microphone was then closed to the public.

Every council member but Theresa Hancock voted not to give Sweet his job back.

Mayor Jim Restucci said too many people in Sunnyside aren't in favor of sweet.

"I think this is the best decision for the city, not because it's how I feel personally," Restucci said.

Hancock said Sweet deserved another chance.

"It actually makes me sick," Hancock said. "You're seeing tonight that there's actually enough people in the community that support him although there are people in the community to oppose and there are always going to be on city managers."

Sweet says he was illegally fired because council canned him over a personnel decision.

However, council says it has the right to fire city managers at any time.

Sweet didn't want to comment on camera afterwards.