Folks say neighbor's property looks like a junk yard

Folks say neighbor's property looks like a junk yard
SELAH, Wash. -- A property filled with metal scraps, old machines and rusty cars.

It isn't a junkyard.

It's the front yard of a home in Selah. Neighbors say they're sick of looking at it.

"I would just like to see it cleaned up and look nice like the rest of the neighborhood," said "Victoria."

"Victoria" lives near the property and drives by it almost everyday. She didn't want to be identified for fear of retaliation.

Neighbors we spoke with say they like to keep their properties maintained and they understand this might be private property, but they say it's not fair they're the ones who have to stare at the eyesore.

I spoke with Yakima County authorities about the problem.
Any property considered hazardous can be slapped with the citation and fines. I found out two nuisance complaints have been filed in the past against the owners.

I spoke with the property owners who didn't want to be on camera.
They say they buy and sell old scraps for a living and try to keep the yard neat.

Yakima County says the mess isn't the only problem.Authorities say the owners filed for an animal kennel permit, but are currently not in compliance. They can't confirm there's a kennel operation, but it's under investigation.

Neighbors like "Victoria" say it ruins the appearance of the entire neighborhood.

"I don't know what they would have to do, ya know, to clean it up. It's just too close to the the road, too many people can see all that when they drive by," said "Victoria."