First steps of downtown master plan coming to life

First steps of downtown master plan coming to life »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash.-- Yakima is seeing the first steps to overhauling downtown are come to life.  Consultants for the parking plan are in town all week.

They met with city officials and nearby business owners. And, surveyed parking lots as well as on-street parking downtown. Crews counted cars, parking spaces and tracked license plates to look at turnover. There's a plan to lose some parking spaces to make way for a new plaza.

"We get to see downtowns all over the United States," Matthew Inman said, the studies and operations Vice president of Carl Walker Inc. "I think this is a great downtown, a lot of great things happening. Based on the stakeholder input we received today, it seems like the community is very involved and that's always very, very helpful."

A design meeting will be held for the community tomorrow at Seasons Performance Hall at 6:30. Consultants will explain their goals and take your input.