Fire destroys two Yakima homes, four dogs dead

Fire destroys two Yakima homes, four dogs dead »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Two families are left homeless after a fire ripped through their neighborhood, Totem Village on 48th Avenue off of Ahtanum Road. The fire started around 4 a.m. on Sunday.

Charred memories are all that's left after fire scorched everything. It's a trailer Cindy Crocker lived in for 20 years.

No one was hurt, and only three trailers out of dozens caught fire. Cindy's dog and three puppies didn't make it out.

Investigators believe a neighbor's faulty dryer could be to blame. Pictures taken by neighbor Jolene Alexzander show the fire spreading to Cindy's home.

"I was running through the kitchen and went pounding on the neighbors trailers to wake everyone up," said neighbor Jeremy Winthrow.

The pets can't be replaced, but neighbors say they'll help any way they can.

"When it happens you try to help the people you can," said Jolene Alexzander. "We got shoes, water, blankets."

It's charity and love Cindy says she'll always remember. Like a burned home, she'll never forget.

Six fire departments responded to the fire. Investigators say the exact cause is yet to be determined.