Fighting for Track 29

YAKIMA, Wash.-- While some of you probably spent the day shopping at your favorite store, other people used the good weather to try to save their favorite stores!

In Yakima, dozens of people banded together to show their support for Track 29. The train-based shopping complex could only be around for a few more weeks, but not if several community members have their way.

"They want to make a parking lot out of it," Bruce Staley, a Track 29 supporter, said.

It was the first event of the month to raise money to keep this shopping center intact. Track 29's future has been in doubt ever since a bankruptcy trustee all the tenants out by May 31. That gives Bruce and others just three weeks to save this landmark before it's gone for good.

"They want to do away with it and it needs to be saved," Staley said.

It's something that Lonnie Davis, owner of Rusillos restaurant on Track 29, says is possible if someone buys it with the building next to it. Plans to do away with Track 29 and make it a parking lot have already been submitted but Lonnie says there's still time.

"It's weeks, you know. It's not tomorrow," Davis said.

Supporters of saving the landmark tell me it's a piece of Yakima's history and it's been around since 1984.

"I was really saddened, really saddened," Staley said. "It's one of the top 4 landmarks in Yakima."

A landmark isn't the only thing to be forced out. 48 people are employed on Track 29. If the plans move forward, all jobs will be lost.

Different events will be held in support of Track 29 before tenants have to leave.