Fare hikes, cutbacks proposed for Yakima Transit

Fare hikes, cutbacks proposed for Yakima Transit »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- It could soon cost more to ride the bus here in Yakima. KIMA learned the city's transit system is proposing higher fares across the board as well as cutbacks to service.

Adults and children would pay a quarter more to ride the bus. Fares would also go up for disabled riders.

Yakima could also drop the free service in the summer and some extended hours.

It's to prevent Yakima from burning reserves and avoiding a million dollar shortfall over the next four years.

"I think it would be ok if they were to raise the rates just maybe a quarter or so. But, as far as them cutting down on the hours, being later, I think it'd be devastating to people who work later," said bus rider Justin Ortega.

Yakima leaders don't expect the proposed fare increases to impact the number of people riding the bus.

If approved by city council, the changes would take effect this spring.