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Family of murdered woman copes during holiday season

Family of murdered woman copes during holiday season

MOSES LAKE, Wash.-- It's been eight months since a Wapato middle school teacher was murdered at home. No one seems to know who did it or why. Deputies have not connected anyone to the shooting of Desiree Sunford. Her family is going through the first holiday season without her.

"This Christmas and every Christmas from now on will definitely be different," Desiree's mom Connie Kast said. "A little lonely."

Connie Kast is preparing for her first Christmas after her daughter Desiree was killed earlier this year. The Wapato Middle School art teacher was shot to death in her own home in April.

"Somebody out there knows something," Kast said.

But, deputies are still waiting for lab results. They have yet to name any person of interest. Connie had no idea her daughter's case doesn't get priority in the crime lab. That goes to cases that have a suspect in custody. She thinks it only means a longer wait for justice.

"This time of year you ask, you know, the little kids and grownups too, 'What do you want for Christmas?' Well, what I want for Christmas is, is an end to this nightmare," Kast said.

For now, Connie focuses on getting through the holidays.

"We'll spend some time at the cemetery obviously," she said. 

She will share memories of Desiree with her son. She will light a candle with Desiree's favorite scent and set out her favorite Christmas treats.

"This was one of her favorite times of the year," Kast said. 

Adjusting to make new memories while preserving those of her daughter and hoping her killer is caught.

KIMA has never been able to reach Desiree's husband, Scott, for his side. He was the one who called deputies to the Sunford home in April claiming he couldn't reach his wife. Scott Sunford was waiting outside when deputies got there. They found Desiree's body inside the home. He has never been named a suspect.

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