'He loved being in the water and the water's the one that took him'

'He loved being in the water and the water's the one that took him'

Needless to say this has been a terrible weekend for two local families. A seemingly fun day at Rimrock Lake turned into tragedy after a woman tried to save a teenage boy from drowning, but ultimately they both died.

"He loved the outdoors, he loved being in the water and the water's the one that took him," Maria Sanchez, drowning victim Cristian Sanchez’s mom, said.

The water at Rimrock lake ended up being Maria Sanchez's worst nightmare. Her son, 14-year-old Cristian Adrian Sanchez, was trying to get a floatation device Saturday afternoon when the water was too strong.


"Even though he was a good swimmer, he walked out, but then when it dropped it kind of freaked him out," Sanchez said.

Now, Cristian's family is remembering their loved one who was just weeks away from starting his freshman year at Davis High School.

"He loved going to school, he loved hanging around his friends at school, he loved camping, he loved swimming,” Sanchez said.

Instead of focusing on what Cristian won't do, his family is thankful for the 14 years they had with him.


"There's so many memories that its, its, its just too much," she said.

Another family lost a loved one Saturday, too. 29-year-old Josefina Guerrero tried to save Cristian. They didn't even know each other. Cristian's aunt didn't want to go on camera, but had words for Josefina's family.

"Someone's daughter, someone’s mother went out there, risked her life to try to save Cristian and unfortunately she didn't make it so my heart goes out to that family, those children,” his aunt said. “They're left now without a mother and my heart truly goes out to them."

More words of gratitude came from Cristian’s grandma.

"Thank you to everyone that helped," she said.

The last words are from a mother to her son, who she won't have the chance to see again.

"I would just tell him that I love him and that, you know, he'll never be forgotten," Sanchez said.

Cristian's family will be having a car wash to raise money for his funeral. It will be held next Saturday and Sunday on 16th street and Nob Hill.