Ever wonder how often someone is shot at in Yakima?

Ever wonder how often someone is shot at in Yakima?
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Francisco Cuevas says gunfire is a part of his life in Yakima. He says he's been shot at dozens of times, luckily never hit.

"You just see the bullets going by, trying to dodge them you know,” Francisco said.

An admitted ex-gang member, Francisco says he still fears the streets.

REPORTER: "Do you think you'll be shot at again in Yakima?"
FRANCISCO: "I'm pretty sure."
FRANCISCO: "It's just too many gangs here plus I live in the wrong side of town, you know."

Melissa Wilson isn't as fortunate as Francisco. She was shot in the knee.

"I fell I mean it was just like a numbing sensation,” Melissa said.

So how often are gun assaults happening on your streets? I pulled the numbers from YPD. It turns out we're off to a good start this year: only one gun-related assault happening every five days. Last year, there was a gun-related assault every 3 1/2 days.

Police tell me there's not much they can do to keep those gun shots down. Officers say gunfire can happen anywhere at any time.

Francisco agrees. However, he says staying safe could be as simple as avoiding the streets at night. And, as cliche as it may sound, he advises not to wear solid red or blue.

2013 is off to a better start than last year in terms of gun assaults. Only time will tell if it stays that way.

Police say a gun assault is when officers confirm someone was shot at, hit or not.