Ellensburg fighting for new middle school

Ellensburg fighting for new middle school
ELLENSBURG, Wash.-- Ellensburg school district is attempting to get a new middle school for the fourth time. A bond request for $38.9 million was sent to out to the community yesterday.

"She is nervous about going to the high school," said Laurel Weber, whose daughter will be going to the high school for her 8th grade year in the fall.

After part of Morgan Middle school was deemed unsafe in 2011, eighth graders from the school were moved to Ellensburg High School.

"It certainly isn't a situation that's sustainable over the long term," Weber said.

The district is trying once again to convince taxpayers to build a new middle school so all the students will be in the same place. In 2002, administrators were given ten years to fix the building because it was an earthquake hazard. The boiler room is outdated and tunnels built underneath the classrooms are hazardous.

For the fourth time, voters will decide on a $39 million bond to pay to replace Morgan Middle.

"It's hard to ask someone to raise their taxes, we know that," Morgan Middle School principal Michelle Bibich said.

If the plan does fail again the school district tells me they will find a way to get the 8th grade students out of the high school and placed back into a school with 6th and 7th grade students.

"There's more restrictions with them here," Tucker Aspasah, an Ellensburg High School junior said.

High school students like Tucker Aspasah notice the difference of having eighth graders on campus.

"Now you have five grades instead of four and there's just too many people for this school," Aspasah said.

Tucker can only wait for the ballots to come in to see if his school will not be as crowded next year. The bond requests were mailed out yesterday and are due April 23.