McKenna makes last stop in Yakima; political parties prepare for elections

McKenna makes last stop in Yakima; political parties prepare for elections
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Election Day is a week away and political parties are kicking it into overdrive in Yakima.

At Yakima Democratic Headquarters, workers are placing calls and E-mails to ensure as many votes as possible.

Referendum 74 advocates are just as busy at the same location on South First Street.

It was also busy Tuesday night at Yakima Republican Headquarters.
Attorney General Rob McKenna and Republican Gubernatorial candidate made his lost stop in Yakima before elections. He rallied supporters and reminded them how important votes east of the Cascades are in the tight gubernatorial election.

"Eastern Washington is twenty percent of the vote in the state. That's twice as much as the vote of the city of Seattle. When people vote here it makes a huge difference,” McKenna said.

Dave Kearby was at the rally and agrees.

"This is one of those elections where every vote is going to count. It's going to come down to a very slim margin so get out and vote because every vote is going to count,” Dave said.

However not all those in attendance agree with what McKenna had to say. Young voters stood outside to protest McKenna’s spending and stance on social issues.

"I'm firmly for liberal issues, I believe in a lot of liberal things, especially things like R74. And I don't agree with what most Republican politicians have to say about most of those issues,” Cat Silverstein said.

Inside, Laurel Young was busy making calls, trying to persuade other voters who aren't so sure who they'll vote for.

"Because of the economy in our state, the lack of jobs, people that normally would vote Democrat or independent are starting to look in a different direction,” Laurel said.

Laurel says because it seems so many voters are on the fence, they've placed more calls than ever this year. She says they will make 300,000 more before Election Day.

It seems everyone is the final stretch of trying to secure as many votes as possible.

"We've been canvasing and we've been phone banking,” Cat said.