Documents: Elderly man fires gun at car driven by ex-girlfriend's son

Documents: Elderly man fires gun at car driven by ex-girlfriend's son »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash. -- An elderly man is behind bars, accused of shooting at a moving car. He's now accused of trying to kill his ex-girlfriend's son.

Kenneth Fischer is facing a slew of felony charges. Police say he stole a gun and tried to kill a man. Court documents say the 71-year-old's car somehow ended up stopped next to the car of a man he knew.

Matthew John's mother once dated Fischer. There was clearly bad blood.

Court documents say Fischer walked up to the 23-year-old's driver's side window, but had his hand behind his back.

There was some kind of argument, and Fischer asked where John's mom was. At that point, officers say he threatened to shoot the younger man in the head.

John says the elderly man said he had to go, "because the police are going to be here after I kill you."

Those documents say that other cars were driving by in the area and Fischer would move to keep those drivers from seeing what was behind his back. But, it was when he moved that the driver saw that he did have a gun, with his finger on the trigger.

John didn't waste any time peeling away from the intersection of South 21st Avenue and West Viola Avenue. As he did, police say Fischer shot the gun three or four times, hitting the car once.

The bullet went through the back windshield and hit the rear view mirror. John wasn't hurt. Fischer was later arrested at his home. Police believe the gun had been stolen from his roommate.

Fischer's roommate didn't want to go on camera, but he tells KIMA he's happy Fischer was caught and that nobody was hurt.

Fischer is facing a number of felony charges, including attempted murder. He's being held at the Yakima County Jail.