Eisenhower High School $2 million over budget, behind schedule

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YAKIMA, Wash. -- Students at Eisenhower High School say they can't wait to get into the new school that's being built right before their eyes.

"We can't wait to get out of our old school. It's bad," said one student.

"Just having a new building and having something to look forward to because this one's already all old," said a junior.

However, new information from the Yakima School District suggests students might have to wait even longer to walk the halls of the new facility.

Yakima Schools Superintendent Elaine Beraza won't say definitively how far behind schedule construction is until further review. She says if the district can't move in by the end of next summer, it's likely students won't be in the new school until after the holidays.

"I'd be kind of upset, but I'd understand because you know, stuff happens," said a student.

Although it's been bone dry for months now, the Superintendent says an abnormally wet February could have put construction behind schedule and now crews are relying on just about every day to be as dry as possible to stay on track.

"Interestingly weather impacts building projects more than anyone would think and so right now I'm really hoping for a pretty dry October," Beraza said.

The timeline isn't the only problem. Beraza says the district is about $2 million over budget. She says the construction team is reviewing each and every item and trying to buy a less expensive version. They're also cutting some unneeded extras.

"It's important that people don't get the idea that we've cut corners or we're using sub standard materials because that's absolutely not true," Beraza said.

Beraza said the district already hired a consultant who specializes in perfecting construction schedules.

"The best alternative is that the builder, the construction company catches up and we move in on time," Beraza said.

Only time will tell if that happens by the original target date of next June.