Downtown has different feel after CDY leaves

Downtown has different feel after CDY leaves »Play Video
This is Yakima's newest sculpture called "Transcendence." It's located at 2nd Street and Yakima Avenue.

The sculpture cost $50,000 including lighting and installation. It was funded totally with private donations to the Yakima Arts Giving Circle.

Photo by Tyler Slauson, Action News
YAKIMA, Wash. -- On a busy First Friday night, many spots in Downtown Yakima are bursting with people. The successful promotion is the work of The Committee For Downtown Yakima.

Now that it's gone, things like First Friday might start to fade.

Matt Klaus is a manager with the new Block by Block and says promoting or advertising the downtown is not in its contract.

"We just haven't been actively doing it because we're working on funding bases and we're trying to set our game plan for that,” Klaus said.

Nathan Kollman is a manager at Second Street Grill.

On any given First Friday, there are typically lines out the door and standing-room only at the place. Kollman says it wouldn't be so busy without CDY.

"I don't think we would have ever started doing a First Friday type of event without them initializing it and initially saying, 'hey, let's do this for Downtown,’” Kollman said.

CDY's absence can also be seen across the street at Performance Park.

Since CDY's contract wasn't renewed, Yakima County has had to pay to maintain the grounds. The county says it costs thousands of dollars a year. But, the county is willing to pay to keep it functioning.

Block by Block is still focused on improving the downtown.

However some wonder if they can live up to CDY's efforts.

"Any sort of emphasis for downtown is going to help out a lot and any type of focus we can bring towards downtown is going to help the surrounding businesses,” Kollman said.