Deputies open case for Toppenish woman missing a month

Deputies open case for Toppenish woman missing a month »Play Video

TOPPENISH, Wash.-- A missing woman from Toppenish once thought to be a runaway could actually be in danger. Kayann Canfield hasn't been seen for more than a month. She has had her own run-ins with the law. But, deputies have reopened the case because of it.

Yakima County Sheriff's deputies considered Kayann Canfield a runaway until now because of her drug and criminal history. More than a month after her family reported her missing, investigators say foul play could be involved.

"Nobody has heard from her, seen her, no phone calls, no nothing ever since then," her grandma Kay Allen said. 

Kay Allen is Kayann's grandmother and has temporary custody of Kayann's son. Kayann was living with her.

"She's had a rough life," Allen said. "She's turned the wrong direction, but she's got a heart of gold too."
Kayann hasn't been seen since October 20th. Deputies opened a missing person's case for her five days later. Within three hours, they called off the search because a Toppenish police officer said he saw her walking in town. But the family still hasn't heard from her, which is out of character.

"She would call her mother, myself, whatever 20, 30 times a day," Allen said. "She would talk to her and call her son everyday."

Kay Allen says her granddaughter is very dependent on the family.

"She can't do anything unless we do it for her," Allen said.

Even with a criminal and drug history, they say she couldn't have run away.

"She went to rehab," Allen said. "She's gotten caught with the paraphernalia drug stuff and she's went to jail for that."

Deputies now agree that something seems off and they are trying to figure out what might have gone wrong. The family turned over some of her clothes that have been found in Toppenish and say their persistence helped reopen the case.

Deputies tell KIMA other leads and information have come in, but to protect the case, they can't release any more information.