73-year-old accused of putting a hit out on his daughter-in-law

73-year-old accused of putting a hit out on his daughter-in-law »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- With the help of a cane, 73-year-old Gerald Shafer appeared before a Yakima judge Wednesday.

Deputies say he wanted his former daughter-in-law dead.

So much so, they say he was willing to pay $2,500 for someone to kill her.

Court documents indicate Shafer offered $500 in cash up front to a hit man who turned out to be an undercover officer. The offer also included a pistol and a picture of the target.

Investigators say Shafer was mad that his former daughter in-law inherited everything after his son died.

Shafer claims he helped purchase the home they were living in.

KIMA tracked down someone who knew the family for years and did not want to be identified by her real name.

"The man has absolutely no character. Saw him in action too many times and saw how he treated people, and no I'm not surprised," said "Betty."

Deputies say Shafer brought his plan to a friend for help.

The friend was an informant and tipped off Yakima ATF investigators and Sheriff's Deputies.

Documents say the undercover deputy who posed as the hit man recorded several conversations.

Detectives say he was even given, "several opportunities from 04-23-12 to -05-11-12 to back out of the deal but continued to say he wanted [the target] dead."

"It's not a very common occurrence,"said Yakima County Sheriff's Spokesperson Stew Graham. "Each investigation is unique in that you have to see where it's going to lead."

Deputies arrested Shafer Tuesday outside his daughter-in-law's home.

Detectives went there to warn her and spotted Shafer parked across the street.

The county prosecutor's office said solicitation of first-degree murder could carry a life in prison sentence, but it all depends on criminal history.

Prosecutors say Shafer has no prior felony convictions and his bail was set at half a million dollars.