City treats water reservoirs with mosquito repellent

City treats water reservoirs with mosquito repellent
YAKIMA, Wash. -- If you live next to a storm water reservoir you might be worried about mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus.

City waste water officials showed us how they're keeping you safe.

Donut-like items are dropped in the drains and still-standing water.
It naturally gets rid of mosquitoes.

"Our main concern with the mosquitoes is when irrigation run off comes down the street and fills up these catch basins, which is the number one cause of mosquitoes in your area," said Jason Phinney, a Yakima Waste Water specialist.

If you've got a small pool you're asked to drain it in your yard rather than the street, which can attract mosquitoes.

If you see reservoirs that look stagnant, officials say they're designed to slowly drain with 72 hours.