Central Washington State Fair ends on a high note

Central Washington State Fair ends on a high note
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Sunday was the final day for the Central Washington State Fair. Despite smoky, hazy conditions, more people went to the fair this year, than last.

This year thick smoke hovered over the grounds for several days, yet many weren't fazed.

Nearly 266,000 bought fair tickets this year. That's about 7,000 more people than last.

Vendor Doug Huntley saw the effects of extra visitors

"It's great, already we're 10 percent over last year," said Huntley.

Other vendor's inside the Sundome reported similar success. They tell Action News the smoke may have actually helped business by driving people inside.

The high number of visitors did not translate into a high crime rate. Every stroller, bag and purse was checked by security for knives and/or weapons.

Inside the gates, Yakima police circled the grounds at all times. We're told fights and public drunkenness were the main disturbances. But nothing disturbed your public safety.

Fair officials say the low crime and high attendance is ideal. It's a success story they hope repeats itself in 2013.

Action News also looked into your safety while riding the rides at the fair. We learned each ride was inspected each day, and there were no major problems this year.